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Cowboys World


The new classic platform game is coming!!! Join cowboy in his adventure, have fun in this game. Be careful the cute little monster, you can use bullet to kill them. Collect 100 coins to get one more life! Jump, Run, Shoot, Skating. Try you best to pass all the levels! Collect all stars can get more scores. Enjoy the one of the best platform games ever. Download Super Cowboy now and start playing this amazing game! Features: - More than 60 levels. - Cute Different enemies. - Practical controls. - Great Sounds and Graphics. - Nice gameplay. There are 9 wonderful world: - Meadow: The cloud is smiling, have a nice trip during the sunshine. - Snow night: The moon is on the sky, the snow is around the world, star is shinning. - Wonderland: Towering peaks, brook, which is a beautiful world. - Desert: Exotic palace, Palm trees, Sun glare. - Forest: A place full of mystery. - Cave: Its a place where is very easy to fall into a pit. - Underwater: Gorgeous underwater world, but be careful of sharks and jellyfish, they will hurt you. - Patio: Rose in bloom. - Darkness: Be careful not to get lost. Enjoy the adventure! Background Story: Once a time, there was a young cowboy lived in a quiet village. Although his father and mother had passed away, he still lived happily with his friends and his beloved girl. One day, an earthquake happened in his village. Then it was unbelievable that all kinds of monsters turned up and the villagers were afraid to go out now. In order to protect his friends and his beloved girl, the young cowboy decided to take up arms and destroy the monsters. He would find out why these monsters came out. He expected that the quiet village would recover to the happiness in former days. With his power of agility, the young cowboy killed all the monsters near the village. However, these monsters were alive again just a fewer moments later. When he felt confused, the young cowboy heard from the voice of a“guardian” in claiming to protect the land. She said that the seven stones in protecting the safety of the land were stolen and these stones were now watched by the big monsters. If he expected to completely destroy these monsters, he had to collect these stones together and take them back to her. According to the instructions of the “guardian”, the young cowboy killed the monsters in watching the seven stones. Finally, he had all the stones, returned back to the village and handed these stones to the “guardian”. For the moment he handed these stones, the “guardian” showed her true colors. As a big monster, she was just sealed by seven stones. When the earthquake happened, the seal was somewhat loosed. She ran out. However, only when she got seven stones, she was completely free. In order to protect the world, the young cowboy took the arms and fought against the big monster… What happened then? It was up to you to decide how to end the stories now!